Zahnkorrektur ohne Zahnspange? Mit Zahnschienen ist es möglich!


Noch bis vor 10 Jahren galt die Zahnspange als Therapie der Wahl, wenn Kinder und auch Erwachsene Schwierigkeiten mit Zahnfehlstellungen hatten. Bei Kindern wird das bewährte Konzept noch heute angewandt, doch für Erwachsene gibt es gute Nachrichten. Endlich sind keine sichtbaren Drähte mehr nötig, um eine Zahnfehlstellung zu korrigieren. Mittels Zahnschienen, die nahezu unsichtbar sind, kann ein großer Teil aller erdenklichen Fehlstellungen der Zähne in weniger als einem Jahr behandelt werden!

Seit wann sind Zahnschienen im Einsatz?

Die sogenannte Aligner-Therapie, wie die Zahnschienen auch genannt werden, wurden 2004 entwickelt und von der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Kieferorthopädie anerkannt. Es ist somit eine alternative, und oft sogar die bessere, Therapiemethode für vorhandene Schiefstände, Zahnlücken oder Zahnfehlstellungen. Dank wissenschaftlicher Untersuchungen und millionenfacher Erfahrung ist man heute überzeugt davon, dass Zahnschienen einen erheblichen Effekt in der unauffälligen und ästhetischen Korrektur von Zahnschiefständen haben.

Für wen sind Zahnschienen empfehlenswert?

Viel Jugendliche tragen über mehrere Jahre lang eine Zahnspange. Die dadurch korrigierten Fehlstellungen können im Erwachsenenalter zurückkehren, denn  Zahnverlust, Zahnwanderungen oder Zähneknirschen können den natürlichen Sitz der Zähne stören. Für die Betroffenen oft eine traumatische Erfahrung, denn im Erwachsenenleben sind sichtbare Zahnfehlstellungen ein Graus.

Die meisten Betroffenen sprechen gut auf die Behandlung mittels Aligner Zahnschienen an, denn diese formen den Biss quasi neu und sind dabei äußerst sanft und vor allem unsichtbar tragbar. Ein Eignungstest ist im Vorfeld allerdings nötig, denn manche Fehlstellungen erfordern andere Behandlungsmethoden.

Warum Zahnschienen Zahnspangen überlegen sind

Zahnschienen haben im Vergleich zur klassischen Zahnspange bei Erwachsenen viele Vorteile. Ganz vor steht dabei die schmerzfreie Anwendung, die bei einer Drahtzahnspange nicht versichert werden kann. Auch die unsichtbare Nutzbarkeit, die im Alltag keine Beeinträchtigungen mit sich bringt, spricht für die Schiene anstelle der Spange. Hinzu kommt, dass die Therapiedauer oft geringer ist, der Effekt der geraden Zähne sich früher einstellt.

Classic online dating is oldish

If “classic” online dating is too complicated for you or if it costs you too much time, then we may have a suitable app for you. At least when it comes to satisfying sexual desires, a sex dating app would be a conceivable alternative.

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Hvorfor er sex-apper så populære?

Alle leter etter kjærlighet på en eller annen måte – det være seg et langsiktig forhold eller sjansen til å leve ut sine seksuelle fantasier. Det finnes en rekke moderne datingapper der ute som imøtekommer alle behov, noe som gjør dem til den ideelle løsningen.

Hvordan skjedde det?

Det har blitt en naturlig del av oss å organisere hverdagen vår ved hjelp av apper. Vi bruker apper for å bestille mat, chatte digitalt med venner og bekjente, og bestille en enkel kjøretur hjem fra festen.

Disse egenskapene gjør livene våre lettere. Derfor er det bare naturlig at de også ble brukt til å lage apper for enkelt, diskret og anonymt å organisere sexdata.

I vår moderne verden setter vi pris på muligheten til å ordne ting med noen få trykk på smarttelefonen. Sexapps er basert på akkurat dette prinsippet. Tjenesten de tilbyr er ikke bare brukervennlig, men er også tilgjengelig raskt og enkelt ved å trykke på en knapp.

Og den største fordelen av alle?

Brukere kan chatte med mange potensielle data samtidig uten å måtte gå utenfor egen dør. På grunn av dette er sex-apper et flott alternativ for datoer som ikke liker klubber og barer, og som også vil unngå mylderet av avslag som chat-up-scenarier faktisk kan føre til.

Are Millennials a hook up generation?

Technology has indeed made things simpler and easier for us to get which is why there is not thing that you might want or desire and can’t get from the internet. Sex? Hell, yeah… you can find that as well with numerous dating websites and apps that lets you meet and hook-up with locals.

Welcome to 21st Century- the generation that seems not taboo in keeping a relationship just for sex. So are we the hook up generation ? Indeed. From high schools to colleges and offices- there’s no place where you wouldn’t find couples just hanging out together for some ‘fun time’. The lack of time to handle emotions and the desire to keep away from unnecessary burden of being there always has been cut off by the hook up culture as more and more people are going towards a friend with benefits or discrete hook up bonds. So what was somewhat unknown in Canada more than a decade ago, has now become common knowledge.

Rise of Casual Dating in Canada

Dating is prevalent everywhere but casual dating has always faced some or other conflict from society. Even though it is said to have been an American culture, the hook-up culture had its own rise in Canada in the early 2000s. And after the internet boom and introduction of several dating websites as well as dating apps, casual sex and search for love online became quite the popular point for every other person.

So no matter whether the person is a highs school attending girl, an undergrad boy, a busy businessman or a homemaker woman- anyone and everyone can find casual relationship partner over the Internet. One of the biggest online platforms for finding casual sexual relationship is undoubtedly AdultFriendFinder and as the name suggests, you can find a friend to do those ‘adult things’ with mutual consent. Canada was literally taken by storm by the whole idea of Adult Friend Finder where users could simply visit profiles, pay for guaranteed offers to find a suitable partner and release their urges for sexual satisfaction. However, the other dating sites and apps too started sprouting and online hunt for hook ups increased like never before.

Crossing the boundaries

Come the booming online dating industry on the rise, several dating apps and service websites were launched that provided free or premium services. Tinder is one of the most popular free casual sex and dating service in Canada at the moment which allows several unsatisfied singles and even married or committed people to experiment more on the sexual side. Call it feminism or the recently promoted women equality, women are not shying away from the idea at all as this is that makes them feel light. Some of the most common dating apps and sites being used by women for having safe, discrete and casual hook up dates include also Badoo, Plenty of Fish and Okcupid. All these websites have proven to be quite the hangout hub for people looking to find love or casual sex in Canada.

And no, it isn’t just about having flings with the locals. Be it native men or women, many of them are also interested in having casual relationships or no strings attached sex with tourists. Online dating platforms like AdultFriendFinder and Tinder have made it very easy for any horny individual to find a like-minded discrete sex partner these days.

Justifying the Act

Well, it comes as no surprise that people just want to have some fun, without having to take care of another emotional burden belonging to someone else. ‘Shut Up and Hook Up’ has been the motto of Canadians lately and as it is going till present, we might just see it overtake the whole idea of having an emotional contact. After all, Fun is always better!

My most important Casual Sex Rules

I love to hook up and let me tell you, it is absolutely great- casual satisfying sex with nothing to worry about or deal with afterwards- isn’t that what every man needs? So I am a staunch believer and follower of the hook up culture which has led me to be a permanent thriving member of websites like C-Date and Victoria Milan. With a tally of over 20 Scandinavian beauties, hook up has been quite a success for me which is why I am sharing some unspoken rules of the casual sex culture that you need to follow. Before I started using C-date in Scandinavia, I got inspired by a guy who used C-date Norge and C-date Sverige. He nicely described his way to become a successful seducer.

These casual sex rules ensure that your booty call is comfortable, safe and both of you are completely discreet with each other and remain unattached till the time you are ‘fuck partners’ or buddies.

1. Keep emotions out of the door

Emotions are unnecessary in casual sex. So whenever you’re going for a casual sex meeting or to hook up with a like-minded person, make sure to keep your emotions out of the whole scenario. After all, no one would like to have an emotional connect when you’re just there for raw sex.

2. Be a gentleman as well as an animal

You’re there to enjoy sex and thus you need to let the animal within you take the charge, to satisfy your deepest darkest desires in bed. But be a gentleman, let the lady decide as well and if she’s taking the charge for herself, let her do it. Sex is good when it satisfies you, but great when it satisfies both of you.

3. Be yourself, always

One thing is for sure, you might never meet this beautiful lady on serious note with an agenda of relationship in mind. SO why try to hide yourself in a cloak and be different from what you actually are? Just be yourself, take it easy and be a straight shooter here- as this is discrete, no one would like a person who is trying too hard to be someone he isn’t.

4. Don’t be or get too personal

You got to understand; these casual sex meetings are discreet and are the way they are because none of you want to know the family background or the past relationships. The agenda is clear- casual sex with nothing to worry or think about. So don’t ask any personal questions and never disclose your personal information!

5. Be creative and experimental

Oh, this is the best part. So this Scandinavian girl isn’t your girlfriend and you don’t really have to think about whether she’ll like it or not as she can take her own stand and let you know. So why not turn and twist things a little bit and try some other positions or role plays for an absolutely steamy sex session?

6. Don’t text or message too much

Well, that’s just because it connects you two for a bond beyond sex and you don’t want that now do you? Keep your hands off the phone and just ask her to be your booty call- simple!

With these rules in mind, you can always enjoy some great casual sexy moments with a like minded girl of your choice!