Zoosk’s App – The Matchmaker You Need


Ever wondered what would it be like to find a matchmaker who prioritizes you so much so to get to know you, observe your personality and behavioral traits and find you ‘The One’ from all around the world.  A magic as it seems to be, finding your soul mate, dream person, perfect match or whatever anyone may call it has never been a part of this detailed a process, especially not on an online dating site which commonly asks for profiles and let you go on a scavenger hunt for the best profile that matches your interests. The change seems to be more of a breath of fresh air for many with the fact that it does not abide by the traditional norms of dating sites that require trivial one time information asking you to update your profile, list preferences, fill up surveys and questionnaires and there you go with a massive explosion of profiles coming from every corner of the unimaginable worlds.

The behavioral matchmaking approach actually takes the pain to read through the preferences of an individual based on the profile visits by the individual, activity on the site and in short, each click being studied for one’s preferences in match finding and thus comprehended for the results for the same. The personalized aspect of matchmaking makes it easier for the users to get along with most of the results and go through the most suitable ones, and who knows, Zoosk’s might have just found you your soul mate.

Online dating and relationships have gone through tremendous shifts with each development bringing in new aspects and chances for greater connectivity, for people to facilitate their dating experience and matchmaking a smooth one. Zoosk works with embellishing your matchmaking experience by prioritizing the messages according to the profiles it studies would be most suitable for you and there you go with people of similar interest who could intellectually stimulate you and garner strong affection in many cases.

It is Science + Magic

So, the question arises as to whether it is magic or is there some science behind it? An amalgamation of both maybe, with more of science and a bit of the sparkling magical dust thrown in to create the lamination and the glow that is required in any match made in virtual or physical world. Zoosk’s science plus magic is simple, it views all the likes, interests, comments, messages and mutual concerns in its gigantic blue ball to mix with the potion with the studied information on your profile and all the statistical data about the information acquired to form final hypothesis about a certain sets of profiles that would probably be the individuals of great interest for you.

To learn more on Zoosk’s scientific approach, watch this explanation:

So dig through no enormous pool of unnecessary messages to miss out the chance of meeting your match made in heaven in the hands of extreme fatigue of going through a zillion profiles that serves no purpose to you. Let the usage patterns tell Zoosk what’s your call and send the signals in universe towards your potential beloved through technology this time.