My most important Casual Sex Rules

I love to hook up and let me tell you, it is absolutely great- casual satisfying sex with nothing to worry about or deal with afterwards- isn’t that what every man needs? So I am a staunch believer and follower of the hook up culture which has led me to be a permanent thriving member of websites like C-Date and Victoria Milan. With a tally of over 20 Scandinavian beauties, hook up has been quite a success for me which is why I am sharing some unspoken rules of the casual sex culture that you need to follow. Before I started using C-date in Scandinavia, I got inspired by a guy who used C-date Norge and C-date Sverige. He nicely described his way to become a successful seducer.

These casual sex rules ensure that your booty call is comfortable, safe and both of you are completely discreet with each other and remain unattached till the time you are ‘fuck partners’ or buddies.

1. Keep emotions out of the door

Emotions are unnecessary in casual sex. So whenever you’re going for a casual sex meeting or to hook up with a like-minded person, make sure to keep your emotions out of the whole scenario. After all, no one would like to have an emotional connect when you’re just there for raw sex.

2. Be a gentleman as well as an animal

You’re there to enjoy sex and thus you need to let the animal within you take the charge, to satisfy your deepest darkest desires in bed. But be a gentleman, let the lady decide as well and if she’s taking the charge for herself, let her do it. Sex is good when it satisfies you, but great when it satisfies both of you.

3. Be yourself, always

One thing is for sure, you might never meet this beautiful lady on serious note with an agenda of relationship in mind. SO why try to hide yourself in a cloak and be different from what you actually are? Just be yourself, take it easy and be a straight shooter here- as this is discrete, no one would like a person who is trying too hard to be someone he isn’t.

4. Don’t be or get too personal

You got to understand; these casual sex meetings are discreet and are the way they are because none of you want to know the family background or the past relationships. The agenda is clear- casual sex with nothing to worry or think about. So don’t ask any personal questions and never disclose your personal information!

5. Be creative and experimental

Oh, this is the best part. So this Scandinavian girl isn’t your girlfriend and you don’t really have to think about whether she’ll like it or not as she can take her own stand and let you know. So why not turn and twist things a little bit and try some other positions or role plays for an absolutely steamy sex session?

6. Don’t text or message too much

Well, that’s just because it connects you two for a bond beyond sex and you don’t want that now do you? Keep your hands off the phone and just ask her to be your booty call- simple!

With these rules in mind, you can always enjoy some great casual sexy moments with a like minded girl of your choice!